Code of Ordinance

City Ordinances

The Revised Codes of Ordinances (Supplemented January 1, 2019) of Mt. Sterling, Illinois establish the rules and regulations under which the City of Mt. Sterling operates are listed below.

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Title Page
Current Zoning Map
List of Ordinances
Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Administration
Chapter 2: Airport Regulations
Chapter 3: Animals
Chapter 6: Building Code
Chapter 7: Business Code
Chapter 9: Cable Television
Chapter 10: Cemetery
Chapter 12: Drug and Alcohol Abuse
Chapter 16: Health
Chapter 20: Liquor License
Chapter 21: Liquor
Chapter 22: Mandated Policies
Chapter 23: Mobile Housing Code
Chapter 24: Motor Vehicle Code
Chapter 25: Motor Vehicle Schedules
Motor Vehicle Map
Motor Vehicle Map 2
Chapter 26: Nuisances
Chapter 27: Offenses
Chapter 28: Parks and Recreation
Chapter 30: Public Safety
Public Safety: Appendix A
Chapter 33: Street Regulations
Chapter 34: Subdivision Code
Chapter 35: Street Specifications
Chapter 36: Taxation
Chapter 37: Tax Increment Financing
Chapter 38: Utilities
Utilities: Appendix A
Chapter 40: Zoning Code