Action Brown County depends on its committees and the volunteers who serve on them to work on behalf of Brown County’s communities and the residents who live here. Below are summaries of the charge for each committee.

Purpose: To develop and coordinate marketing and outreach activities which promote Action Brown County and strengthen collaborative partnerships with our communities. 

Scope of Work:

  • To utilize social and traditional media to promote ABC events, programs, and projects
  • To maintain a web-based Brown County community calendar and distribute a physical calendar annually

Team: Alex Geisler, Chair; Sarah Goers

Purpose: To foster Brown County community pride through programs, projects, and recognition.

Scope of Work:

  • To work with the ABC Events Committee to ensure that ABC events celebrate and showcase the Brown County community
  • To maintain existing Action Brown County beautification projects, including the Main Street trees, mural, and uptown landscaping
  • To identify and lead new efforts to build Brown County community pride

Team: Dan Teefey, Chair; Rob Akright; Eric Ebbing; Harlee Gronewold; Amy Ham; Nick Hendricker; Susie Stamerjohn; Van Wilson; Carol Wilkes

Purpose: To organize and execute events in Brown County that will foster community and fun for all ages.

Scope of Work:

  • To support individual event committees and ensure they have the support they need to succeed
  • To coordinate with ABC business partners for event sponsorship and planning
  • To explore innovations to existing events or to pursue new events for Brown County
  • To assess each ABC event through measurable goals and post-event assessments, monitoring progress over time

Team: Katie Houser, Chair; Alex Geisler; Michael Goers; Sarah Goers; Lisa Hannel; Reid Houser; Mackenzie Pilger; Brooke Robinson

Purpose: To stimulate an economic environment that catalyzes existing business success and new investment in Brown County.

Scope of Work:

  • To collaborate with local, regional, and state resources to offer existing businesses the support they need to thrive in Brown County
  • To solicit and secure ABC business members and financial support
  • To spur new business development in Brown County

Team: Jerad Geisler, Chair; Eric Grady; Lance Grady; Dan Teefey; Vada Yingling; Stephanie Yingling

Purpose: To encourage a vibrant Brown County school system through the promotion of Brown County schools, the encouragement of teachers, and the gathering of the entire community as partners in education.

Scope of Work:

  • To encourage teachers and demonstrate community support
  • To organize and execute an annual teacher appreciation event (February Fling) for school faculty and staff
  • To review all Brown County teacher grant applications and make funding recommendations to the ABC Board

Team: Carol Howard, Chair; Nicky Geisler; Merle Kenady; Angela Salrin; Kristen Schenk; Alyssa Seckman