Informational Phone Numbers

Brown County Contacts

Brown County Ambulance, Fire Department and Emergency Services217.773.2113
Mt. Sterling Fire Department217.773.2113
Versailles Fire Department217.225.9034
Brown County Sheriff’s Department217.773.2011
Mt. Sterling Police Department217.773.3961
Brown County Courthouse217.773.2011
Brown County Health Department217.773.2714
Brown County Public Library District217.773.2013
Brown County Schools217.773.7500
St. Mary School217.773.2825
Mt. Sterling City Hall217.773.2513
Village of Ripley217.322.2711
Village of Timewell217.440.5305
Village of Versailles217.225.3411
Mt. Sterling Water Department217.773.2136
Ripley Water Department217.322.2791
Timewell Water Department217.773.3633
Versailles Water Department217.225.3593
ABS Water (Rural)217.812.6339
Adams Electric Cooperative800.232.4794
Ameren Electric888.789.2477
Prairieland FS (Natural gas)217.773.3911
West Central Mass Transit District217.773.3025