Strategic Plan

Kiku Obata & Company worked in conjunction with the citizens and City of Mt. Sterling, Illinois, the Downtown Mt. Sterling Steering Committee, and the Tracy Family Foundation to create a Long-Range Strategic Plan & Redevelopment Blueprint. The blueprint articulates a vision and frames an action plan to guide revitalization of the Uptown District and adjacent areas in Mt. Sterling to ensure a vital future for the community. The City of Mt. Sterling, Illinois is located at the intersection of US 24 and US 99, has a population of 2,025, has three major employers, and is the county seat for Brown County. It is located 40 miles east of Quincy, Illinois and 78 miles west of Springfield, Illinois. There are seven colleges and universities with more than 31,000 students within an 84-mile area. Mt. Sterling has the opportunity to harness additional traffic from the region and to build on the daytime “swell” of workers at its major employers to create an enhanced economic and retail base allowing for development of unique retail, entertainment, and recreational experiences while maintaining the current values and character of the community.

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